ISOTT 2017

ISOTT 2017

45. Annual Meeting of ISOTT in Halle, Germany

Highlights of Halle

SaaleRive-UferHalle is located a the river Saale. You can walk along the waterfront and enjoy the beauty of the slowly flowing water.





HaendelThe most popular son of our city is the composer Georg Friedrich Händel. You find interesting places of baroque, classical or modern music all over the city.


Halle is also tLeopoldinahe place of the National Academy of Sciences theLeopoldina.







Francke-Stiftung1The Francke Foundations were founded in 1695 as a social and educational institution. The historical building represents a unique example educational functional architecture.Francke-Stiftung2






GiebichensteinThe old castle Burg Giebichenstein houses nowadays the academy of arts in Halle.






The Institut of Anatomy houses the historAnatomieical Meckel Collection  a collection of anatomical preparations starting in 1779.